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Welcome to phantom__art! Phantom Art is a community for fan artwork inspired by the Nickelodeon show "Danny Phantom".

When we get more members, I'll probably start doing something similiar to hobbit_art, which is to have weekly/monthly drawing challenges or prompts. They won't be mandatory for those who don't want to do it, but for those who do, they should be fun/and or weird. :P


1) Please keep your posts similar to this format. It should look like this, at least:

Type of Art (Fanart, Layout, icons?):
Warnings/Additional notes: [i.e. Slash, MPREG, Femslash, etc etc.]
Link (or lj-cut):

You may link to your own journal or post the picture to the community itself.

2) Whatever you post up MUST be Danny Phantom related. It can be crossovers, stylized, whatever, so long as it's Danny Phantom. What IS allowed: fanart, icons, animations, cosplay and layouts.

3) Sketches are allowed, even if they're in class notes on lined paper. If you have any mini-stories or anything written that goes with the picture in question, feel free to include it.

4) LJ-cut all drawings please. Anything that's R+ rated, be sure to place appropriate warning in the heading or above the lj-cut. We allow any drawings from G to NC-17. Just be sure to give warning ratings.

5) Slash, het, etc IS allowed. This is not solely a slash nor het community. Respect other members.

6) Do not post up artwork that you did not create yourself. Art theft is NOT cool and trust me, you don't want to get caught stealing art. If you steal someone's art, insta-ban. :( Don't make Eraine come after you with a pitchfork - she will if you're an art thief.

7) Photomanips will be allowed. HOWEVER. You must place in the heading that it is a photomanip. Lastly, don't run a photo through Photoshop or whatever's art filters (such as the water color or graphite filters, for example) a few times and claim you drew it (photomaniping is one thing, filtering it and claiming you drew it is something entirely different). Sorry, but I will ban on something like that. If you have a question about it, e-mail me first and we can sort it out.

8). Icons and banners ARE considered art and so are allowed.

9). Please don't advertise your community here, this is soley for the production of DP fanart. :)

10) Lastly, if you use a reference, please mention that somewhere in your post/give credit.

Have fun!


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